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Turns out, it’s just a cooler, drier version of summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for getting out of the triple digits. It’s only the mid-nineties these days, and I can handle that for interminable amounts of time. I’m glad to be done with the weekly haboobs that cover the patio in mud.

But I miss fall. I miss sweater weather and waiting to turn the heat on and warm drinks with baked goods. I miss purple sweet gums and yellow tulip poplars and red maples. I miss cold, sharp wind.

And yet, as our trip to the zoo to celebrate the jaybird’s birthday reminded me, I don’t know that I will ever tire of the desert. Not the everyday part of being in a desert town, which is not very much different from a suburb anywhere else, but the natural desert. We walked out toward the older part of the zoo today, where both the African animals and the Arizonan exhibits are, and the landscape was gorgeous. Saguaros, rocks, whatever palo verde/mesquite/leguminous things that I can’t tell apart–it’s beautiful.

If I really need cold weather, hot drinks and a sweater, there’s always Flagstaff.

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